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A Home Full of Friends – Peter Bently and Charles Fuge

This picture book, on the face of it, wouldn’t appeal to the mini reviewer in our house. It’s very traditional in its illustration and doesn’t feature neon, pirates or dinosaurs. And yet.

We love this book. It’s a gentle tale of friendship and acceptance and is the perfect bedtime read. Bramble Badger is a kindly soul with a small sett and a happy life, but when a storm hits his little community he takes a walk to see the damage.

He comes across three of his friends one after the other, who have had their homes damaged, and they ask to stay with him. He has little room and little food, but says yes to each one.

Then, when they arrive that evening, they have brought their family – 12 mouths to feed! He doesn’t turn them away, choosing to share what he does have, and when he does he realises they saved things from their homes and they have plenty of food and supplies if they share. They have a lovely time and discover a home is better with others.

This could be twee, and it probably is, but the verse is charming and the super detailed pictures are just lovely. It’s impossible not to smile when reading this book out loud to a little one.

Apparently, the tree falling is scary (when Daddy makes the bang), the squirrels are cute, it’s funny when a hedgehog makes himself into a bowling ball and the best bit is all of Brambles friends sleeping in drawers and cupboards!

A hug of a book, which (along with it’s equally charming sequel) is now often requested in our house.