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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

So…. YA Day, and this is not a new release, but always popular in the shop…

The summary from the internet says..

Cath is a freshman in college with a lot of social anxiety and only two things that make her feel completely at home: her outgoing identical twin sister Wren (who chose to live in another dorm) and her love of the fantasy book series Simon Snow (an obvious tribute to Harry Potter). The ultimate FANGIRL, Cath writes popular fanfiction for the Simon Snow fandom.

Stuck with Reagan, a surly, opinonated upperclassman roommate with no sense of boundaries, Cath barely leaves her dorm room. Despite her desire to stay away from people, Cath must deal with the near constant presence of Reagan’s smiley, friendly, chatty boyfriend, Levi — who begins to draw her out of her shell, and even more frightening, charm his way into her heart.


What this book does do is provide a straightforward story with the usual twists and turns of a YA novel, but with a protagonist who is not ‘cool-in-waiting’ and genuinely has no desire to take off those glasses and shake out her hair like something out of an early 2000’s teen drama…

Cath is unapologetic in what she likes, but still manages to grow the parts of her life that she has ignored or suppressed.

Levi, the male lead is not the dreamy popular hunk on campus, but is warm, empathetic and interested in not changing anyone. He also has some very real literacy issues that are handled well.

Some YA tries to be edgy and racy, this, while aimed at uni age and younger, isn’t graphic.

It just keeps coming back to the one word relatable.

And when this is read, try her other work Eleanor and Park. That’s nostalgic AND relatable.

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