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Here Comes Hercules – Stella Tarakson

This little book is a fun way to introduce your little one to myths and legends.

Tim Baker has to do a lot of things at home that other kids might not. After the loss of his Dad, his Mum needs to work long hours and he has had to figure out hoovering and washing. Tim is bullied as a result and no one notices how unhappy he is. When cleaning he breaks his Mum’s favourite vase, and released the trapped Hercules. The Hercules.

Although Hercules wants to help Tim with his jobs and his bullies , everything he touches turns to disaster (and Hercules is not the brightest bulb). Every situation escalates with Hercules’ assistance, and no one else can see him, so poor Tim gets the blame! Will Tim and Hercules get everything sorted? Read and find out….

Our Rogan’s guest reviewer Bobby (6) says:

The book was epic, and funny, and quite scary, but not too scary. 

I’d send the book to my friends to read, but I’d like to keep it too.

As a parent, it’s a fun way to introduce Hercules and give a summary of his antics, but in a fun contemporary way. It tackles modern issues affecting lots of families, with a light enough touch not to scare young ones – whilst still giving subtle advice. Nick Roberts illustrations are comedic, but the expressions and emotions are deftly drawn.

The sequel is out already, and we’ve got Bobby on the case for his thoughts.