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Lots of Frogs by Howard Calvert and Claudia Boldt

Today’s review is from a family of Rogan’s readers. The book is a charming little picture book that came out in November last year. It’s cheeky and sweet, with a direct short style of prose that is easy for kids to understand, but is expressive and fun. It’s a tale of a box of frogs getting into real mischief.

Rosey (3) Loves this book because ‘it’s so funny’, her favourite page is when the frogs go in the headteacher’s hair.

Chloe (7) Loves this book ‘because it’s funny, my favourite page is when it goes – rows of frogs drinking tea’

And their Mum and Dad were ‘not so sure about the very short style of sentences in this book to start with but it definitely grew on us. A good, fun book – not too short to be over in a flash, but also not to long to lose interest. Nice and bright and colourful.

So there you have it!