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Lottie Potter Wants An Otter by Jeanne Willis and Leonie Lord

An oldie but a goodie, this one. It’s from 2016, and is frequently requested for tongue twisting giggles.

Lottie Potter wants an otter, and it’s a very good thing that Mr Trotter, from Trotters Otter Shop in her town. He has a wide selection of otters for her to choose from, and this reviewers child’s favourite is of course the grotty snotty otter. However, trading standards may need to get involved, as the otter she purchases may not be quite as he seems.

By way of Phuket, this super rhyming tangle of rhymes takes Lottie on a journey to her perfect pet – although a side trip to Mrs Cleavers market stall is particularly full of diva…… pets.

This story flows beautifully and the illustrations of the otters are characterful and endearing. The only problem is our mini reviewer gets so excited it’s not the ideal bedtime book.

Take a deep breath before you start this lovely story out loud!