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Malamander – Thomas Taylor

A creepy atmospheric tale for 8-12 year olds.

Set during the off season of a seaside town, it tells the delightfully odd tale of Herbie Lemon a Lost and Found specialist in the local hotel in Eerie-On-Sea. He has a mysterious back story (for book 2 I hope!!).

His ordered world is turned upside down when Violet Parma arrives with a special case, her parents were lost and she wants them found.

Set against the backdrop of a museum with bizarre exhibits, a book dispensary where a mysterious mechanical musical statue dispenses not the book you want or know, but the one you need.

The writing is sharp and action packed and the characters are dynamic and driven. You will attach to them, and find yourself wanting to visit – in winter of course.

Excellent stuff, can’t wait to see the further adventures of Lemon and Parma…