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Pearl Power and the Girl with Two Dads – Mel Elliott

This picture book does a brilliant thing effortlessly. As an LGBT+ couple with a son we’re always on the look out for a well produced, good quality book which features a child with two mums or two dads.

By their nature – not having the biggest potential customer base – they can be cheaply made or not to the same standard as wider releases which is so dispiriting.

Pearl however, is not cheap. Pearl Power is a little girl with a lot of spirit. She is forthright and speaks her mind, and believes in equality. She’s excited to welcome the new girl, Matilda to her school, but quickly discovers she’s a little different, Matilda has two dads!

Pearl deals with this information brilliantly and matter of fact-ly and assumes because her mum makes her be responsible and eat vegetables that a house with two dads would be totally different and fun.

Little does poor Pearl realise that her house is more like Matilda’s than she would like…

This book isn’t just great for showing kids that their same sex parents are just like everyone else, but it should be required reading for ‘regular’ families too. It makes it clear that the issue is only as complicated as adults want to make it.

PERFECT FOR: anyone who has a little boy or girl in their class who happens to have two mummies or two daddies. It will totally help them realise all humans have more in common than they have different.