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SECOND OPINION – The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

We’ve seen this one on the site before, but Rogan’s Reviewer Claudia has sent us her thoughts!

The Dreamers is very different to anything I remember reading before. It is set in a small college town in America and tracks the lives of the inhabitants as they encounter a strange illness that sends them to sleep. 

It follows the stories of four characters/couples/families central throughout the epidemic that hits the town. You learn their very human stories of love, loss and hope – longing for past happiness, hope for the future, desire to fit in, to do the right thing and the need to protect their loved ones. 

There there isn’t a clear climax to the story. The chapters tick over while building the story without any great relevations. Yet, I was compelled to keep reading, eagerly wanting to know what would happen next in the plot and also to the characters who I grew fond of and empathised with.
I enjoyed this book, and although quite melancholic, I felt it ended well.