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Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day – Dominique Valente

May 2nd sees the release of one of Rogan’s Books most anticipated junior reader books so far this year. Starfell is the first in (hopefully) a long series of books set in a magical world full of witches and exciting funny creatures. We first read this back in November last year, with no cover picture or illustrations and we knew it would be special.

We think every character is gorgeously named, from the endearing Essential Jones to the unfortunate Calamity Troll, Feathering the Dragon and the ever unsteady Nolan Sometimes. Best of all is Oswin. Who is a monster. And DEFINITELY not a cat.

It’s a vividly imagined whimsical adventure with action, drama and very funny puns, ending with a literal, then emotional bang. Young readers will adore this new world packed with invention, and will come away spellbound.

We can’t wait for everyone else to have a read. In January we got our hands on a proof copy for review, and our lovely reviewer, Emma (10) has written a brilliant piece for us all.

Young Willow finds herself going on an unpredictable adventure with evil and mystery around every corner. She must travel afar with Moreg Vaine (a powerful witch who is known to eat children with pickled ginger!) to find out who took the missing day and why? (like who would want Tuesday for their collection). 

She meets a wide range of people, creatures, and a bloodthirsty dragon who isn’t really bloodthirsty! From flying brooms to hilarious dragons, this book has bucketfuls of laughs, A few handfuls of adventure and a pinch of mystery! 

My personal favourite character was Feathering. He was amusing, fun and just a pleasure to read about. He is rather silly, a bit like every humorous character every book just needs to have. But behind all his silliness he has a heartbreaking tale, about an egg  that didn’t hatch. It made me cry, it was that sad! 

You could of asked a thousand authors to tell this story, but none would have told it better than Dominique Valente. Dominique has a real talent, Starfell is nothing like any book that I’ve ever read, and that is what makes the book exciting. If Dominique had a secret magic power, it would probably be the power to write witty and unpredictable books!! I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

5 stars!

Thanks Emma!