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The Braid – Laetitia Colombani

A review from our Rogan’s Reviewer Claudia for a grown up novel.

The Braid follows the lives of three women separated by class, religion, profession and continent. While they are so different they do share a few things in common; independence, determination and a drive for a better future.

Smita, a low caste Dalit, seeks an education for her only daughter to pull her out of a life of poverty and service. Guila, a young Sicilian faced with misfortune and tragedy, and inspired by a surprising idea, fights convention and entrenched tradition. Sarah, with a successful career and children, is blindsided by a change of events, causing her to examine all she values in life. 

The book follows the life changing challenges the three women face, and how each of them overcomes very different but deeply entrenched societal views of women’s roles in society and the home. 
I found the story hard to read at times because I became very fond of the characters and their aspirations for themselves and their families. Despite the book being split into alternating chapters for each character, the flow of each story isn’t lost and it is easy to follow. I really enjoyed it!