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The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg

Today we have a review from Rogan’s Reviewer Holly.

Welcome to the Kingdom, a dazzling fantasy theme park where ‘happily ever after’ is not just a promise, but a rule . . . This new book out on July 11th is a tautly paced YA thriller for fans of One Of Us Is Lying and Westworld….

Holly’s thoughts:

The Kingdom follows the life of Ana (a half-human, half-android), a beautiful fantasist in a dreamland park. You see Ana as she comes into conflict with Dr Foster, the world and even her own programming and the only person she can turn to is a human boy she shouldn’t even be talking to.

I really enjoyed the book as it was told through court testimony, interrogation records and flashbacks; something I haven’t seen done before although I really enjoyed it. The book was tense and thrilling. It also had an incredible plot twist. Throughout the entire book it kept me guessing and I couldn’t stop reading; it was addictive!

I think the book is brilliant and I definitely think Rogan’s books should stock it.