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The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Spoiler. I love Reeve & McIntyre. The shop loves Reeve & McIntyre. They could write a plumbing manual and it would probably be charming and gorgeously realised and illustrated. I’m going to love this book……. (Begins reading)

Guess what. I LOVED this book. It’s possibly their most relatable book, despite being the tale of a boy, his flying horse, his goth sister Daisy (SORRY! – Elvira), cheeky Sea Monkeys, hair obsessed Mermaids and two pioneering guinea pigs named Neville and Beyoncé. (Also, can I point out that my tablet totally just put the accent on the ‘e’ in Beyoncé without me doing anything. She’s that famous. Look it did it again!).

Kevin is a roly poly flying pony who doesn’t realise he’s lonely. He loves a custard cream, just as any flying pony should.

I’m so beautiful and magic.

Max is a charming little boy who lives in a top floor flat in a quirky little town and all he wants is a dog. They can totally live on the top floor of a building and stay in all day, right? When a big storm sweeps Kevin off course (and DOOF! Straight into the wall of Max’s flat), a massive flood isn’t far behind him.


What follows is a tale of bravery, friendship, flying, underwater hair salons and a noble quest to find custard creams.

The illustrations are so vivid and so lovingly created you will not even realise they’re in black white and blue, in your mind they’re full colour and full of joy. Reeve’s text is clever, witty and as whimsical as you would expect, with a perfectly parentally acceptable level of naughtiness.

There are little visual jokes in the pictures to keep a parent smiling while reading it, and you come away with a bigger smile than when you started.

Unfortunately despite all being awesome there are currently no sequels to their earlier works, but this reader is fervently hoping that Kevin and Max will be the first to lead a whole series!