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The Restless Girls – Jessie Burton

Today’s review is from The Head Rogan of Rogan’s books, in time for the Christmas shopping event on Thursday, this book certainly makes for a beautiful present.

Rachael says:

Oh my heart.

I’ve been saving this up for an afternoon of indulgence. I needed to consume it entirely, in one sitting. And, as I did, I realised that it will be consumed over, and over, and with each visit I will unfurl deeper strands, more dazzling threads.

The term ‘modern classic’ is used frequently and often incorrectly. For this book, the term seems inadequate.

As a child, my favourite book was ‘A Necklace of Raindrops’, written by Joan Aiken and illustrated by Jan Pienkowski. It was a thing of pure magic, less a book, more a portal that I would leap into, transported to another world, a parallel land where colours were bolder and magic could be felt, almost imperceptibly, tickling the surface of the skin.
Through ‘The Restless Girls’ I am returned to that world.

It gives new life to the oldest tales, reminders of the truths we have forgotten, calls to rediscover our selves.

My heart swelled with my first reading and, as I read the final words, I realised I was crying.

@jesskatbee’s words are part prose, part poetry, wholly musical, weaving the sensation of dancing lightly through the pages, skipping towards adventure. The world within those words is given life through #angelabarrett’s illustrations. Colour, and the absence of colour, reflecting tone and mood with precision, yet seemingly effortlessly, light and dark slowly enveloping you as you move through Kalia and beyond.

I cannot wait for my tenth, and hundredth, and thousandth reading of this book. I cannot wait to see what else I will discover.
Also: now I REALLY need some silk pyjamas.