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The Train to Impossible Places – P.G. Bell

In a spellbinding debut novel for older children, P.G. Bell has created a unique world to tell his story in. We follow the adventures of Susie Smith an 11 year old, physics loving girl who hitches a ride on a magical postal delivery train that takes a detour through her front room.

She is soon drawn into a fantastical adventure delivering magical post to time stealing evil witches, diving deep to meet pirate ghosts and breaking retired post office trolls out of their retirement home to liberate a secret and gain entry to the obsidian tower where a mystery will be solved and her adventure to save the kingdom of impossible places.

It’s refreshing to see a science loving heroine of colour lead a book like this with action, whimsy and trains. Lots of trains. And trolls. And a yellow monkey powering the train with explosive bananas. Because of course.

This is a thrilling ride, well written, and I can’t wait for more adventures in a fictional world where gravity is negotiable and the post train needs to run on time.